Are Your IP Cameras Fogging Up? Find a Solution Now

WeeTect today launched an anti-fog product for IP camera, speedometer, cluster and test instruments.

​​WeeTect today launched an anti-fog product for IP camera, speedometer, cluster and test instruments. It is a cutting edge product that guarantees a 99.99% fog free environment.

WeeTect’s anti-fog product will be available in two options - anti fog film and anti fog coating. It has a permanent fog resistant effect, optical clarity and anti-glare coating as an option. 

Anti Fog Solution For Industries

Taylors Lei, Product Manager

“We’re happy to introduce our anti-fog solution for foggy lens of IP camera and instrument cluster that has been rated the best in both America and Europe,” said Taylors, the WeeTect Product Manager. “Anti-fog tests conducted on all products over the last six months have indicated high performance with 100% constant clear vision, thanks to our innovative R & D team and our partners.”

This is a major technological breakthrough in the anti-fog industry where quite a number of products have failed to deliver the desired results. This anti-fog product aims to eliminate the idea of using sealing devices with no air leakage. A research conducted indicated that this is an expensive measure that does not guarantee success. Manufacturers incur losses estimated to be more than 37.3% when they use such unconventional mechanism to eliminate fog.

Eliminating fog in IP cameras

As we all know, fog is a menace in humidity or low temperature regions. When the IP cameras fog up, they basically become functionless. The cameras will capture blurred images. This makes the whole process as a good as not having them due to the expenses incurred. It calls for replacing the anti-fog sealing more often. 

WeeTect has invested in a revolutionary technology that aims to eliminate any fogging phenomenon in IP cameras. For the 9,765 IP camera lenses that were treated with the anti-fog product, the success rate was 99.7%. This makes it a perfect anti-fog solution even in the low temperature environments.

The new anti-fog product for IP camera lenses were tested for the following conditions:

1. Warm, humid regions; the IP camera lenses in these regions tend to be susceptible to fogging throughout the year. It is even worse for places without air conditioning. 

2. Temperate or cool environments; lenses get fogged more often when there’s variation in temperature.

In general, over 1.2 billion in the world get fogged up when exposed to such conditions. From this it is quite clear how much people lose globally when trying to eliminate the fogging of IP cameras. 

“This is a real scientific breakthrough in our efforts to eliminate fogging problem. We have invested in a number of technology and we’re confident with the progress so far,” said Taylors. “A new generation of anti-fog products, is what every individual is craving for and it’s exactly what WeeTect team strives for.”

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