WeeTect Introduces a New Grade of Anti-Fog PC Sheet With Enhanced Performance

WeeTect today announced that the new anti-fog PC sheet is now available at WeeTect authorized distributors.

​WeeTect today announced that the new anti-fog PC sheet is now available at WeeTect authorized distributors.

This was announced by the Taylors Lei, the company’s Product Manager. This comes after the company introduced a number of anti-fog products that are used in the welding workshops and the motorcycle industry early this year.

“The early response to the motorcycle visor inserts, anti-fog goggles and anti-fog face shield is really incredible and we’re happy to introduce yet, a new anti-fogging technology in the industry,” said Taylors Lei.

“This new grade anti-fog polycarbonate sheet we’ve made guarantees 0% fogging even in the adverse weather conditions. We can’t just wait to see how beneficial and handy this PC sheet will solve the fogging problem.”

The anti-fog PC sheet technical information

This polycarbonate sheet shares some qualities of the WeeTect’s anti-fog products. However, this grade guarantees an improved performance since it blends both the old and the new technologies in the industry.

This product is designed to cause the atmospheric moisture/water to spread evenly on the PC sheet surface without forming droplets. It has been tested for the most humid conditions. It will substitute the use of anti-fog sprays, solutions and sprays.

The key applications

This anti-fog PC sheet has been designed for environments where fogging is a major problem while the need for a strong glazing material is also a requirement. It is recommended for the following key applications: plastic mirrors that are used in homes, showers and motor boats. They can be used in glazing applications, the manufacture of goggles, face shields and environmental enclosures.

The bottom line is, the WeeTect’s new grade anti-fog PC sheets are a versatile product designed for nearly all applications. There are the customized PC sheets that are designed once one places a preorder.

The anti-fog PC sheet properties

This product guarantees the following:

1. Clarity

Unless the end user opts for the tented grades, this sheet guarantees 0% transmission loss or haze.

2.  It is inherently resistant to fogging under all humid conditions.

The product has passed all the essential fogging tests such as the: breathe, shower, freezer, hot water, freezer and immersion tests.

3.  It possesses all the desirable properties of the polycarbonate sheets such as good optical properties, strength and resistance to most chemical substances.

Maintenance instructions

Cleaning is the most basic procedure when using the anti-fog PC sheets. If the surface of this product is not clean, then it may not function properly.

During the manufacturing process, the fact that the polycarbonate sheet will be subjected to a number of contaminating conditions was a factor to consider.

The cleaning process involves:

1.   Cleaning with plain water or with a mild dishwashing soap
2.   Use soft cloth or a cellulose sponge, then dry until it becomes moist
3.   Do not scrub or use a leaning detergent that contain abrasive substances.

For more information about this product about this product, you can visit here: www.weetect.com/products/coating-and-plastic-sheet/Anti-Fog-Anti-Scratch-PC-Sheet/

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