Anti-Fog Visor Insert Distributors: WeeTect Extends the Deadline for Distributor Recruitment Until 30/11/2015

WeeTect has extended the anti-fog visor insert distributors recruitment process by 1 week. The company's product manager, Taylors Lei, said that the process will end on 30th November, 2015 and not 20th November, 2015 as indicated earlier.

 WeeTect has extended the anti-fog visor insert distributors recruitment process by 1 week. The company’s product manager, Taylors Lei, said that the process will end on 30th November, 2015 and not 20th November, 2015 as indicated earlier.

In a news release that was published on 13th October, 2015; the company indicated the importance for the companies and businesses that are interested to submit certified copies of their audited reports or financial reports. These documents will be scrutinized by the company to confirm their authenticity. 

The reasons for extending the deadline

In an interview last Friday, Taylors Lei pointed out this extension was after the requests they received from various companies and businesses that are interested in becoming WeeTect distributors for anti-fog visor inserts. The reasons for extending the deadline are:

1. To enable companies to submit most recent financial report or audited reports. A number of companies will have their third quarter (Q3) financial reports ready before 27th November, 2015. The financial report of the anti-fog visor distributors is important since it will help the company determine the capacity/capability of the distributors to meet the demands of the consumers.

2. WeeTect has recently expanded its market for the motorcycle face shields and visor inserts to America and Europe. The company is seeking to get product distributors from the American and European regions.  

3. WeeTect needs an anti-fog visor insert wholesalers/regional wholesalers. The interested parties should own an inventory. That is, companies that can buy large lots, take delivery, break them down and sell the visors to local wholesalers or distributors.

4. Merchandisers are encouraged to apply; companies or individuals that can help sell the anti-fog visor inserts. That is, those who are already selling other motorcycle accessories.

The last two categories (3 and 4), aims at giving more businesses/companies an equal opportunity to distribute and sell the company’s visor inserts. Again, WeeTect wishes to make the following important clarifications for the anti-fog visor insert distributors:

1. Specify the geographical location; even though there are international standards, there are regions/continents with additional standards. This will also help the company to establish the cost of shipment and other logistics that may be involved. This information is vital when conducting the feasibility studies - whether recruiting the distributor will make economic sense or not.

2. Indicate the targeted retailer/customers

3. Indicate whether they have an exclusivity agreement with the competitors within the geographical location.

4. Specify if the company requires an exclusive distribution rights. In such situations, it is important to indicate the company can agree to any reasonable sales quotas.

5. Indicate if the company/business has restrictions on pricing

6. Attach as sample of distribution agreement and any legal requirements of the company. 

NOTE: Companies with a website or online store must provide a link to their official website or store. The store should have terms of service, privacy policy and should be free from spam

WeeTect provides all distributors and clients with an equal opportunity/platform to conduct business. This process is FREE and we neither charge nor request any payments for the application to be processed. WeeTect only contacts its client using the official email address and phone number on the official website.

About WeeTect

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